Property verification with peace of mind.

Verify everything before committing.

PropCheck lets you verify land, property,  individuals and service  companies so you can make more  informed decisions before entering transactions.  


After you verify, PropCheck  also helps you monitor your property development activities.   So if you're not around or live abroad, PropCheck Monitor® sends you periodic updates with alerts, videos, photos, and site inspection notes on your property activity while you're away.

How It Works

before you commit , first verify, then monitor


PropCheck makes any aspect of verification of a property or land simple and easy in Nigeria.   It helps buyers and  sellers of property and land owners get verified before entering transactions.

For landlords and renters the each party can verify the other before a rental agreement is signed.

For Mortgage banks,  Insurance companies, and lenders, property conditions and ownership documentation can be verified and documented prior to lending or insuring a property.

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